Compositing Project Breakdowns

This is the breakdown of the projects I did in the VSFX 270 compositing class at SCAD.

The first project is Day for Night. We were challenged to make a day scene into a night scene. We had to replace the sky and add some additional elements from other images into the scene as well as add some additional lighting.

The second project is Green Screen Compositing. We were given a few green screenshots to choose from and replaced the green screen with a still image.

The third project is Projection and Paint Clean-Up. We had to project a flat image into a 3D world and animate the camera. The challenge of this particular image is that I had to replace the reflection of the mirror with an HDRI to create the parallax effect.

The last project is CG Comp and Match Move. We have to camera track and composite CG objects into the video. I found the photographer and turtle model on and I added a little animation surprise at the end.