3D Catan Board Game


This is a Houdini complex scene project. I made a 3D version of the board game Catan. Everything is made in Houdini, the textures of the tiles are from polyhaven.com, and rendered with Mantra.

Catan is a strategy and resource management game. Players have to trade resources and build roads and houses to gain points to win the game.

There is a total of 5 different resources including wood, bricks, sheep, wheat, and rocks. Each resource is represented by different blocks, and the desert block in the middle is representing the thief.

Here are the specific ways I create the different blocks. I used the SideFX Labs tree generator to create 5 different trees and then scatter them to create the forest. I also modeled 5 different kinds of wheat to create the wheat field. The mountains and the desert were created with heightfield, COP, and VOP. Finally, I did a little RBD to scatter the brick into a pile.