Mini City Generator

I created a procedural miniature-style city generator! I got the idea for this project from seeing “Love Death Robots: Night of the Mini Dead” and the city-building game “City Skyline.” I have always enjoyed playing city-building games, so I think why not make it myself?

For this project, I have created 4 tools to create the city.

The first tool is a Grid generator. It can quickly generate a road network for the city. However, curves will work as well.

The second tool is the road generator. Users can use this tool to turn the input grid into roads. It contains several parameters such as the number and width of the roads and sidewalks, density of road furniture, size of the intersection, etc.

The third tool is the city planner. Users can use the city generator’s output and choose what type of buildings to build.

There are 4 types: park, suburb New York brownstone buildings, tall city office buildings, or empty. The last tool is using the data from the city planner and creating randomized buildings. Users have multiple controls on each different type of building to create the look that they want.

Everything is procedurally modeled in Houdini, brick shader was created using OSL, and rendered with Redshift.

Here are some stills:

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