Little Alien

This is a personal project I did during Summer break. I want to try out a lot of things that I didn’t know about like vellum, VDB modeling, and KineFX in Houdini.

Firstly, I created a random grass, rock, flower, and tree generator to easily generate different variations while scattering them in the scene. After that, I followed the Houdini Mega Character tutorial to learn how to use VDB to model my character, and rig and animate it using KineFX. Last but not least, I used vellum to simulate the interaction between the little alien and the grass and add some motion to the antenna of the little alien.

Everything is done in Houdini, shaded and rendered in Redshift, and composite in Natron. Music composed in GarageBand.

Here’s a wallpaper version feel free to download it if you like!!!