Week 3 – Adding Texture and Smoke Trail

(There are some viewport displaying issue that is making the mesh transparent and the black edge from the smoke.)

What I have been doing this week is mainly adding the texture of the mountains and started the smoke trail simulation.

I have been following the same tutorial series to learn heightfields. I didn’t really know about COP and I have learned a lot from this. It is working a lot like Nuke and the concept of RedShift shading.

I like how it turned out, but I think it still a little bit of work because it is lacking small details. However, I will have to move on to focusing on simulating the portal and refining the smoke trail since they are the main part of this project. If I still have time, I would like to try using these methods to add more details on to the cliffs to add some more realism.

Here are some reference images of what I am looking for:

For the smoke, I think it is not really looking like how it would look like in real life because it is missing some of the sand behavior. To fix this, I am thinking doing a particle sim of actual particles that behaves like sands and then use it as the source instead of directly using the ground as the source.